Drunken Sailor & Other Songs of the Sea

Bonnie Hieland Laddie

“Drunken Sailor” features DocWood on vocal leads, Gene Alesandrini and Joe Miller on harmony vocals, and Doc’s brother Doug “Wild” Wood on the harmonica. Special guest artists include Emily Alesandrini (Gene’s daughter) on the cello in “Tarwathie” and Joe “Myron” Parillo on the accordian in “Drunken Sailor.” DocWood provides the instrumental support playing the 6 and 12 string guitars, the 5 and 6 string banjos, the autoharp, the bass, the mandolin, and a home-made octave mandolin.

Songs include: “Bonnie Hieland Laddie,” “Blow the Man Down,” “Rolling Home,” “Sail Away,” “Tarwathie,” “Greenland Fisheries,” “Haul Away Joe,” “The Bonnie Ship the Diamond,” “Bullgine Run,” “Mary Ann,” “Farewell to Nova Scotia,” “Drunken Sailor,” “Santy Anno,” “Stormalong,” “Mingulay Boat Song,” “Crossing the Bar,” and “Sea Fever.”

“Folk music doesn’t get much play on the radio, especially commercial radio, so some people may have the impression that folk music is dead or dying. Quite the contrary, it’s not even in hybernation. It may be out of the commercial mainstream, but it is alive and well,” DocWood.

The Golden Vanity

DocWood’s first release on Neoga Records is collection of traditional and contemporary folk songs. DocWood first started as a folk singer in the mid-1960’s and although he has had several private releases of tapes and CDs, this is his first public offering. DocWood says, “I think listeners will find this CD a comfortable fit for those who enjoy folk music. It’s just me, a few instruments, and an occasional guest artist. Nothing fancy or overproduced-you will hear no lush orchestration or drum tracks on this CD-I want the power of songs to be front and center.”
Doug “Wild” Wood, DocWood’s brother, provides some nice harmonica work on six of the songs and guest artist Joe Miller contributed the three harmony parts on Jesse James. The title cut, Golden Vanity, is a song that dates back to 1685. Other “oldies” include The Water is Wide (1765) and The Cuckoo (1769) and Red Is The Rose (date unknown). Songs from the turn of the twentieth century include The Crawdad Song, Jesse James, John Henry, House of the Rising Sun, and Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor.

Contemporary songs include Tim Harden’s If I Were A Carpenter, Irving Gordon’s Two Brothers, Gordon Lightfoot’s Early Mornin’ Rain, Steve Goodman’s City of New Orleans, Ian Tyson’s Four Strong Winds, Merle Travis’s Sixteen Tons and John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads. A new original instrumental piece by DocWood, Mohegan Morning, is included.

Instrumentation includes a Taylor Dan Crary Model 6-string guitar, a Guild 12-string guitar, a 1923 Gibson Trap-Door Tenor Banjo, a five-string banjo, a Yamaha classical guitar, a Stradolin (depression era) mandolin, harmonica (by Doug “Wild” Wood). All vocals, except for the harmony parts on Jesse James, are handled by DocWood.

Muley Point Mud

"Muley Point Mud," the title song for my second Neoga Records release, was inspired by a trip out West with David Pincus, Bruce Burtch, & Rick Knapp. The other sixteen songs are a collection of some of my personal favorites, ranging from traditional fiddle tunes to more contemporary material. Included on this CD are guest artists whose talents added greatly to the project. They include the incredible jazz pianist Joe Parillo, harmonica player extraordinaire Doug Wood, and the vocal harmonies of Joe Miller and Debbie Clough. -- Doc Wood

Never Enough Thyme

Never Enough Thyme is DocWood’s third Neoga release (Golden Vanity in 2000 & Muley Point Mud in 2002). This CD continues DocWood’s exploration of the folk genre from ancient songs such as Wild Mountain Thyme to folk standards such as 500 Miles (Hedy West) to modern contributions to the folk process such as Old Love (Neal Hagberg & Leandra Peak). DocWood is joined by pianist Joe Parillo and sister-in-law Debbie Clough (singing harmony) on a moving and powerful arrangement of Amazing Grace; the three-some also collaborate on a new song of Old Love, and Tom Paxton’s Gettin’ Up Early. DocWood is joined by Joe Miller and Gene Alesandrini on the old sea chantey Rollin’ Down to Old Maui, the newly minted song-of-the-sea Portland Town (Steve Romanoff) and folk standard 500 Miles. Original songs include two songs written with J. David Pincus: A World I Never Really Knew and What About Tomorrow? Two instrumental originals are included: The Real Death Valley Waltz and Sunrise. Two unique instrumentals, Red Is the Rose and Simple Gifts, are performed on an octave mandolin built by DocWood and turned to DDAD creating a heavy drone effect.

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