Almost Carefree

This CD has 9 songs with a total time of 58:28. The CD was produced by Joe Parillo and the Joe Parillo Ensemble. The songs range from New Age to Jazz to Latin and Fusion styles, with everyone in the ensemble contributing their own sound to the project.

Morning In The Garden

Morning In The Garden reverberates with the soul-stirring richness of the best straight ahead sounds, though also enjoys interludes of light and brilliant instrumental bliss.

Sand Box

Sand Box is a new release by Joe Parillo, piano and Christine Harrington, cello.

The Angels Gather

These 7 Holiday favorites on cassette were performed by David Key on Soprano Saxophone and Joe Parillo on Piano. Improvisation and a fresh sound to the Christmas songs we know and love.

Block Island Summer This CD has 12 compositions with a total time of 59:40. This CD, again produced by Joe Parillo and the ensemble members displays the growth and development of the Ensemble's music and musicians over the past 2 years. Block Island Summer contains some of the freshest material of these musicians to date. The The Joe Parillo Ensemble has developed a flow and a sound all its own. If you like some rhythmic playfulness and memorable melodies Block Island Summer has it.    
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