Whale Watch
Whale Watch blends the Eastern sound of Tibetan singing bowls and tabla with the wooden flutes and frame drum of the West, and features Native-American melodies composed or improvised by David Key. Selections such as "Desert Scout" and "Whale Prayer" include original chants, as well. Although there are no actual whale sounds on Whale Watch, the deep. soulful sounds of the music evoke the gentle, powerful sound and movement of these spiritual beings, creating a soundscape that is energizing and relaxing at the same time.

"Listening to Whale Watch is comparable to taking a shamanic journey..." -- Ming Yuan, Spirit of Change

"...a rich melange of living tonal atmospheres...by the end, the listener has followed her way home through wild yet soothing seas..." -- NAPRA Review

"Sounding almost supernatural at times, these moodily ambient instrumentals are an excellent homage to all that is whale." -- PJ birosik, The Monthly Aspectarian

The Angels Gather
These 7 Holiday favorites on cassette were performed by David Key on Soprano Saxophone and Joe Parillo on Piano. Improvisation and a fresh sound to the Christmas songs we know and love.
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