Dave Howard's new release on Neoga Records, Souvenirs, is an eclectic assortment of gems for everyone. Howard, whose compositions cover all styles, is comfortable while traveling through the various textures of the recording. Renowned drummer Kenwood Dennard and bassist / co-producer Jim Stinnett form the rhythm section and are an integral component of Howard's sound. Working with equal facility on electric, nylon string acoustic guitars and guitar synthesizer, Howard's sound is contemporary and technically fluid.
The title track Souvenirs, with vocals by Arthur Blume, has an exotic European flavor. Howard's guitar synthesizer solo and Jim Stinnett's bass solo are the highlights of this selection. Three tracks, "Threesome", "Under The Knife" and "The Change", a bluesy offering, show the bands raw energy and are excellent vehicles for all involved to stretch out. Larry Boyle's acoustic piano performances on "Threesome" and the beautifully melodic bossa "Calabria" are tasteful. "Calabria" is also a showcase a for Howard's earthy nylon string guitar sound. "Espresso", a caffeine charged fusion groove, is a tight arrangement in which Howard, Stinnett and Dennard soar through. "Lido Marinella 2 AM." features Howard's guitar synthesizer and Boyle's piano work. The two players compliment each other during solos over the comfortable chord progression, leading back to the memorable melody that will leave you singing. Souvenirs features drummer Kenwood Dennard, a well traveled musician who has worked with the likes Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Martino and Mike Stern. Dennard provides wonderful support, playing tight pocketed funk and swinging with conviction and control.

Dave Howard brings home Souvenirs to listeners who will be treated to the intensity and musicianship with every playing.

Dave Howard - Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar synthesizer
Kenwood Dennard - Drums, Mouth Harp and voice
Jim Stinnett - Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Electric keyboard
Larry Boyle - Acoustic Piano
Arthur E. Blume - Vocals

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